Sunday, October 22, 2006

This is guy uses chalk to create illusion art on sidewalks. Amazing!!!!

This guy uses chalk to create illusion art on sidewalks. Amazing!!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

When I discovered my old journals and came across some poems that I wrote when I was 14, I thought to post them. But after reading them again, I feel differently now. I concluded that it is not meant to be shared with, but only remembered by me. I will post one last poem, and end it there.

This Is For G

My life was changed
Because of her
And it would never be the same
She gave me
A sense of pride
Which I never knew
Was inside of me
But when she came along
It grew right out of me
Being around her made me see
That a life
Can be happy
She gave me something
I needed so much
A gift to me
The gift of laughter
Her smile
Made my life complete
If my head was
Low and sad
She could help me
Raise it and see
That a life can be more than a tragedy

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Poem 1

I went to my parents house yesterday and I came across some of my old journals from high school. It's been 10 years since I looked in them. Towards the end of my journaling I discovered a series of poems that I wrote when I was 14. The poems are not in the happy spectrum but more so melancholy. It's really surprising to me how I viewed the world and how I felt the sadness going on. Journaling for me when I was a teenager really helped me release awful, dark emotions. So instead of taking all my horrible emotions out into the world, I found comfort in writing.

Poem 1
The world was destroyed
Nothing was left
Except the ashes of living things
It was our selfishness that destroyed the world
Some didn't care if trees that took half a century to grow
Were cut, hurt and died
This...for our own purposes
Some didn't care about us
They let us intoxicate ourselves to death
We lived in a place
Which no one knew
But it was hell
We loved war, fire and power
The air we breathe was filled with gas and dust
People used their lives to destroy other lives
Torture defined life on earth
It was hard to escape it
Sadness blew over the world like a cold breeze
We stood and shivered
Sadness does the same
The world was destroyed
Because we didn't care
Didn't care about eachother
All we wanted was control
Killings everyday
Can we live a day without one
Death became happiness to us
We no longer had to deal with this harsh life
The world was destroyed
Nothing was left
Except the ashes of ourselves

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Aura Color Test

I'm a Sensitive Tan.

The Sensitive Tan is the bridge between the mental colors and the emotional colors. Their auras are a combination of a light tan color with a light blue band next to it that encircles the body. Their personalities are a subtle combination of the mental Tan qualities and the emotional Blue qualities.
Sensitive Tans incorporate the characteristics of mental, analytical logic with loving and intuitive compassion. These gentle personalities are quiet, sensitive and supportive. They prefer, like Logical Tans, to maintain a rational, intellectual foundation while they analytically process data.
Sensitive Tans are more emotional and intuitive than Logical Tans, but they tend to keep their feelings to themselves. When a problem arises, Sensitive Tans will retreat inside to figure out the most practical solution.

Take the Aura Color Test here

Monday, September 18, 2006


Visualization requires replacing limiting thoughts with boundless thoughts. It means replacing “I can’t” with “I can,” “I tried” with “I’m doing,” “My father told me I’d never amount to anything” with “I can do anything I set my mind to,” “No one will ever love me” with “I love me.”

What use are all the paint, canvases, and brushes in the world if we don’t allow ourselves to fantasize?

This week visualize your greatest dreams coming true. Doing so lays the foundation for them to do so. This is not the week to be practical. It’s the week to drown yourself in colors, images, emotions, passions, and triumphs. If you’re doing it right, the most fantastical Hollywood production won’t even come close to the splendor and grandeur of the things you come up with.

See yourself not just at your best but beyond what you conceive of as your best. Dream about how much you can accomplish in the next 12 months.

Once you get going with thinking about what you want to accomplish, start seeing yourself with those accomplishments. You will find that as the year unfolds those opportunities will come your way as long as you continue to hold fast to your dreams.

-Yehuda Berg

Sunday, September 03, 2006

I have this statement hanging in my room and everytime I read it...I question myself. There is so much I want to accomplish in my life and yet I set forth limitations. Reasons and excuses as to why I haven't been able to do it. My sister told me a story about this man she met at a meeting, that gave me a strong sense of motivation. She began to tell me his story...
"This man was engaged but one day his fiance, with no warning, left and took with her $40,000 of his money. He had no idea where she went or why. She vanished from his life (years later he recieved a letter from her, she left him for another man that she was seeing the four years that they had been together). So he was heartbroken and bankrupt. Shortly after that he got into a major car accident. He was paralyzed from his head down to his toes. He had surgeries and physical therapy to help him recover sensation and movement, but nothing seemed to work. Unexpectedly his health insurance no longer would pay for the procedures and he accumulated a large debt due to medical bills. He felt there was no reason to live. For two years he allowed the feelings of hopelessness to take over his life, he lied on the floor of his apartment and stared at the ceiling. One day a friend of his came over for a visit and talked to him about a buddhist philosophy called nicheren buddhism that had changed his (the friend's) life. Intrigued by this he did research on this buddhist philosophy and a sense of determination came over him. He adopted the principles into his life, everyday making efforts to live by the wisdom of nicheren buddhism. Through efforts, perserverance and determination he was able to rehabilitate his entire body within two years. He was no longer paralyzed! With his newfound victory, he continued his efforts. He got two jobs, one from 9-5 and the other, a night shift from 6-12. He worked for two years and finally paid off his $50,000 worth of medical bills. On top of that, he was able to save enough money to put a down payment on a house. He is now happily married."
This story really inspires me. This man got his heart broken, bankrupt, paralyzed and he totally perservered through it all! He committed himself and worked his ass off. He made continous efforts to make his life better and never stopped until it was the life he wanted. He decided to no longer limit himself. I'm really glad she shared this story with me, because it makes me think twice about the efforts I'm making toward the life I want. I will always remember this story, and it will be my motivation.

The difference between the unattainable and the attainable lies in a persons determination.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Until the 20th century, reality was everything humans could touch, smell, see and hear. Since the propagation of charges of the electromagnetic spectrum, humans have learned that what they can touch, smell, see and hear is less than one millionth of a reality.

A Reminder for Me

I love this quote, so I thought to share it...
"How we start each morning determines that day's victory or defeat. It's important that we resolve to win first thing in the morning and begin our work with an energetic, refreshed spirit! This is the secret to continual success"

-Daisaku Ikeda